Boris the cat

Meet my cat, Boris. He might not be the smartest or most graceful creature, but he is a cat and sometimes that’s enough. Here’s an intimate look at what he thinks about life.

Bugger off! I’m trying to nap, ya hairless ape.

It’s the next blockbuster: Boris vs Squirrel.

Go back inside and eat kitty litter.

I told you, knucklehead, if you wanna play you have to put on the mouse suit!

Do you mind, Pop-Tart? I’m trying to look cute here.

Do me a favor, hoser, put this next to adorable in the dictionary.

This is my bed now… enjoy the floor, Slappy.

Fetch me some hot cocoa while I watch Elf or face the wrath of my claws.

I’m the best gift you’ll ever get!

Is the picture art? Only if I’m in it.

I will steal your soul.

Do you mind? I’m trying to do word problems in my head.

I sell seashells by the seashore mother trucker!

Bring me a pillow, you hairless Yeti.

Now this is what I call Facetime.

Let’s play the Get the F out of my face so I can watch Bluey game.

My nap spot is wherever I want. Jealous much, turkey neck?

Who needs a view when you got me!

Psst, I wanna tell you a secret. Your breath smells like old tuna in a dirty sock. What, I mean that as a compliment.

Come sit down and lean your head back… I dare you, punkin’.

Being adorable is my business and business is good!

Here’s a scene from my new movie, ‘Cocaine Cat’.

Thanks for the bed. Now, go clean my litterbox, tough guy.

This is my seat now, meatball. Go fetch me a glass of milk.

I call this my Sphinx look.
Am I dead or just deadly cute?
Hey, why don’t we play tripping down the stairs? You can be it.
I need some more nip, man. You holding?
Don’t tell me where to relax, ya pansy. I lounge where I want!
I make uncomfortable and awkward look good!