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76388 LEGO Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village Visit – Every Potterhead needs Hogsmeade in their lives. It’s a fun build with great aesthetics.

71038-14: Robin Hood – My favorite minifig of 2023 comes from my favorite Disney movie as a kid.

Merry Sithmas, Bitches!

10325 LEGO Alpine Lodge – No winter village is complete without this wonderful Christmas chalet. Who knew little bits of plastic were all one needed to really get into the Christmas season.

10218 LEGO Creator Expert Pet Shop – Continuing the modular theme, the pet shop gives the minifigs the option to be fur parents. It’s a good build with neat features, especially in the shop. But as Bruce Dickinson would say, “it needs more pets.”

10270 LEGO Creator Expert Bookshop – Finally, my LEGO minifigs have a reason to learn how to read! This is a delightful and meticulous set that any bibliophile needs to bookend their Twilight collection.

75339 LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trash Compactor Diorama – What an incredible smell you’ve discovered! It’s the smell of fresh LEGO plastic from this fine little set that is overpriced yet still a worthy addition to anyone’s Star Wars shelf. We all have a Star Wars shelf, right? RIGHT?

40566 LEGO Ideas Ray the Castaway – Okay, here’s a set I would NOT want to live in. But this is a neat little build that gives you LEGO Robinson Crusoe vibes. The only thing missing is a little volleyball.

10243 LEGO Creator Parisian Restaurant – Ah, Paris, in brick form. This modular is so well designed and detailed that you can almost smell the croissants. Every LEGO city needs a dash of culture and this set is the perfect recipe for it.

77015 LEGO Temple of the Golden Idol – Early contender for LEGO set of the year (or century). And not just cause it’s from my favorite movie of all time, this set truly shines in every aspect. Clever and fun play features, a plethora of hidden easter eggs, and the pièce de résistancethe greatest minifig of all time—makes this a treasure. A display piece that belongs in every collection (or museum).

80107 LEGO Spring Lantern Festival – My LEGO city needs to be more cosmopolitan and what better way than to have a traditional Asian garden for selfies and Baozi. It’s a beautiful looking set, but the build is kinda flat plate stacking monotonous. But worth it for the koi pond alone.

75810 LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down – Watch a nearly R-Rated (PG-16?) show come to life in a beloved child’s toy line. This is an interesting, if repetitive, build that puts you right in the center of the Upside Down.
21335 LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse – I love lighthouses and, of course, LEGO, so this is like human catnip. There’s a light in the house along with the beacon, so you get some two for one action. It truly is an amazing set/display piece.
40521 LEGO Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion – This micro build maybe small in stature but it’s big on fun. It makes a cool little display piece, but just whets the appetite for a mini-figure sized version.
10292 LEGO The Friends Apartments – The one with the meticulous and gleeful LEGO set. This has tons of fun references and memories… I mean, could this set be more perfect?
75290 LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina – You will never find a more wretched LEGO set of scum and villainy. Sorry, I had to. This is an incredibly detailed build that puts the “can” in cantina. Or maybe it puts the “tina” in cantina, we can’t be sure.
21338 LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin – Another excellent and fun build that I would totally live in. If you love nature, trees, mountains, serenity, wood, Grizzly Adams, and the outdoors in general, this is the perfect set for you.
21336 LEGO Ideas The Office – This might be the most fun I’ve had piecing together a LEGO set. Finding all of the Easter eggs, and believe me, there are tons, along with seeing favorite scenes come to life gave me permagrin. Who knew plastic could be so entertaining. That’s what she said.
76126 Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Ultimate Quinjet – If you have any superhero sets, you gotta have a Quinjet, right? RIGHT? This might not be the most accurate version, but it’s spacious inside and a fun build.
10497 Galaxy Explorer – Lego set of the week… more like the year. This is how you do a reboot right, honor the source material while greatly improving it with modern technics and sensibility. I never had the original, so 9 year-old me is over the moon… and beyond with this set.
76911 Speed Champions 007 Aston Martin DB5 – Who’d have guessed that Lego and James Bond would mash up in this neat little set. And there’s even a Daniel Craig mini-fig to boot. I did inquire to Lego about the mixed matched colors, asking if they expected me to ignore it. They replied simply, “No, we expect you to buy.”
76208 Marvel The Goat Boat – Haven’t seen the new Thor movie yet, but I don’t need to in order to appreciate this unique, sharp looking set. It’s a little small, which mean, “You’re gonna need a bigger goat boat.”
31119 Creator Ferris Wheel – The delightful set is a must have for any Lego city, town, or county. The one drawback, it makes me want to create my own Lego amusement park. Oh well, goodbye money, hello FUN.
40516 Everyone Is Awesome – Not only a great looking set, but a great meaning one too. Everyone is awesome, except maybe those who don’t believe everyone is awesome. They are just a little less than awesome.
70437 Hidden Side Mystery Castle – Don’t let this fun and interesting build fool you, this castle is possessed by a lime green monster energy drink. Side note: if I win the lottery, I’m buying a freaking castle. I don’t care how impractical it is.
75895 Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 – Sleek, elegant, and delicious. Let’s face it, this is as close as I’m going to ever get to owning a Porsche.
70431 Hidden Side The Lighthouse of Darkness – You had me at lighthouse, spooky theme, and possessed minifigs.
76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard – Welcome to Thor’s mancave. This is a cheeky little set stuffed with lots of Engame easter eggs.
31118 Surfer Beach House – I would totally live there, but in this Lego market, I’m sure I’d get into a bidding war.
75292: The Razor Crest – This is one badass Star Wars ship with the cutest lil mini-minifig ever. If you love The Mandalorian or even just like it as a friend, you need this set.
31107: Space Rover Explorer – I love space, you love space, we all love space! What better way to display our love than this super cool rover. I call the minifig Mark W 😉
21328: Seinfeld – From the show about nothing comes a set demonstrating everything fun and enchanting about Lego.


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