About moi

Who am I? Well, that’s a question I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out. Short answer: I’m just another writer/creator/pop culture junkie trying to find a place in a world that makes little sense.

Some of us, nay, most of us get to a point in our lives where we realize that our childhood dream is just never going to come true. I held on to my dream for about as long as I could, but unfortunately, I think now is the right time to let it go. My primary school teachers, my friends, hell, even my mother were right. I’m never going to win the lottery, and it’s about time that I face that harsh, unfair reality.

But like my Darth MeMaw used to say, “When Satan slams the door on your fingers, God opens a window… on the 24th floor.” And it’s now time for this starry-eyed dreamer to jump out of said window. When a dream dies, another must rise from its ashes to take its place. So welcome to the next phase of my life, and please join me on my quest to become a published author, aka Operation Pipe Dream 2.0.

But who I am is not the purpose of this site. This is all about who I want to be; an author. Like someone once said, a writer doesn’t need to be clever, doesn’t need to be adept, and doesn’t even need to be particularly talented. They just need to be read. Okay, I said that, but hopefully for my sake, it’s true.

So, you’re invited to help me on my journey, or quest if you will, to see if dreams really do come true. Or did America and Disney basically lie right to my little face all those years ago.

Let’s find out, shall we?