Top 12 songs of Summer

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12. Wipe Out– The Fat Boys: You gotta love how the Beach Boys are an integral part of this cover song even though they had nothing to do with the original.

11. Meet Me at the Beach– Surf Punks: You can substitute this for almost any Surf Punks song. Who are the Surf Punks? They’re the Beach Boys on acid. Or meth. Or just drunk outta their minds.

10. Summertime– Will Smith: I will personally slap anyone who disagrees… too soon?

9. Blister in the Sun– Violent Femmes. This classic song dominated summers in the 80s, then kinda disappeared.

8. Summer Breeze– Seals & Crofts: A quintessential summer song that dominates soft rock stations. It’s joyful, yet somehow melancholic.

7. Summer Nights– Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta: Tell you more, tell you more? I wish I could say I was John Travolta in this song, but I was more the “Can she get me a friend” dude.

6. Say Hey (I Love You)– Michael Franti & Spearhead: You probably didn’t see this one coming. The is so upbeat and fun, it’s hard to not get up and dance. Unless there are other people in the room.

5. Banana Pancakes– Jack Johnson: This banger is the perfect rainy Sunday morning song. Plus, banana pancakes are the bomb yo!

4. Magic– The Cars: This song puts summer in a corner and makes it like it!

3. Three Little Birds– Bob Marley: Call me basic, but no summer tunes list is complete without Bob Marley. If summer had a voice, it would be Bob’s.

2. Good Vibrations– The Beach Boys: What I said about Bob Marley applies here as well. There’s a reason you can’t go to a beach, lake, water park, pool, or bathtub without hearing at least one Beach Boys bop.

  1. The Boys Of Summer– Don Henley: The coolest song on this list. Ole Don nailed the bitter-sweet vibe of summer. Asks the question, “is driving by someone’s house when you know they’re not home stalking?”