Top 12 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Just in time for Thor: Love and Thunder. FYI: Here be minor spoilers.

12. Captain Marvel – Who knew a B-list hero could become a franchise? I mean other than Brie Larson, Kevin Feige, Anna Boden, and Ryan Fleck. A great love letter to the 90s and shows female heroes can be just a strong (physically and box officey) as males.

Defeating super villains, evil aliens, and misogynist since 2019.

11. Captain America: Civil War – This is more an Avengers movie than a Cap movie. So much to love; introduces Black Panther and Baron Zemo, has a spectacular hero on hero fight scenes, and asks the big question, “should heroes be accountable to the gov’t?” Now, that’s nightmare fuel right there.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

10. Spider-Man: No Way Home – How can you not love a movie that perfectly honors and blends the past spider-verses with the current spider-verse? The movie that makes all spidey fans happy by screaming, “You get your Spider-man, and you get your Spider-man, and you get your Spider-man.”

Like with most memes, I don’t get it.

9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Another great hero v hero movie that’s part spy film, part buddy flick, and part awkwardly forced love story.

Alright, Nic give me suspicious. Steve, give me blue, steely resolve. And Nat, give me aloof dancing queen?

8. The Avengers – This is where the MCU became the MCU. Proved you can shove a buncha heroes into a cohesive and entertaining story. Definitely shows its age and limitations, but still has a lot to love about it, kinda like the old Nintendo Entertainment System.

What are they all looking for? I don’t know, maybe more diversity?

7. Thor: Ragnarok – You saw hints of how funny and interesting Chris Hemsworth’s Thor could be in prior movies, but it really hits you like a hammer in this one. A wonderfully bizarre and colorful palette of action, humor, and sci-fi/fantasy fun.

Taika Waititi for President of the universe!

6. Avengers: Endgame – Basically the final chapter of the first ten years of the MCU, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a very well done ending. But I throw a flag on the time travel part that basically breaks its own rules and kills off a character that didn’t need to die.

This is how everyone in high school looked at me (at least from my adolescent brain’s perspective).

5. Iron Man – The template of MCU movies (take a young, talented director, mix him with a charismatic lead, fold in the humor, and sprinkle on some heavyweight actors) comes from the granddaddy of them all. The frenetic cocktail of Favreau and RDJ is something no superhero movie had seen before, and to say it worked is like saying E = mc2 is a good equation.

He was turned to steel, in the great magnetic field, when he traveled time, for the future of mankind,” Maybe Black Sabbath were the true futurists.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Oh, just more of the same… hilarity, marvelous chemistry, and unadulterated joy of the first movie. This one upped the stakes and showed how to bring a bunch of misfits together as a family.

I’m not saying I photoshopped myself into this image and use it as my background… but I’m not denying it either.

3. Black Panther – I mean, wow, if one Marvel movie deserved to be nominated for best picture, it’s this one. Great directing, amazing acting, and a powerful story puts this near the top. Just typing all this makes me really miss Chadwick Boseman.

Find me a better cast that this… nice try, but it can’t be done.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy – Takes a not even C-list group of characters and vaults them up on par with Spider-man, Captain America, and Iron Man. That’s the brilliance of one James Gunn. No one saw this ragtag buncha of no-account losers coming together to form Marvel’s best and most endearing group.

They even make the tired slow motion walk look cool again.
  1. Avengers: Infinity War – How in the blue smurf did they successfully cram in every Marvel hero (sorry Scott and Clint) into one movie AND give each one their moment(s) to shine? I still can’t believe it! The edge of your seat, roller coaster story, jaw dropping SPX, a giant purple CGI villain that people can actually relate to, and that Empire Strikes Back teardrop ending? Game over man. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.
I’m sure there’s someone out there that hates this movie… just like there’s someone that hates chocolate, rainbows, music, sunsets, popping bubble wrap, and freedom!


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