Top 12 Canadian actors

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In honor of the other national holiday in July.

12. Phil Hartman – No matter the role, Phil always brought his A-game. Never not funny, he played swarmy about as well as anyone.

Still miss ya, Phil!

11. Keanu Reeves – Maybe not the greatest thespian on the list, but probably the nicest. Ted “Theodore” Logan could make it for the first Matrix alone.

I know kung fu?

10. Sandra Oh – One of the most underrated, versatile actors in all of Hollywoodland. You want your show/film to be inherently better, just add Sandra.

How am I only at number 10?

9. John Candy – Another gone too soon comedian. Candy was almost a force of nature whenever he was on the screen. One of the most lovable actors of his time.

You may hate the hat, but ya gotta love the man.

8. Rachel McAdams – Regina George is the queen bee, or boss B, of this list. She’s so much better than just the love interest.

Eight? Go shave your back now.

7. Dan Levy – Dan could basically retire after giving us Schitt’s Creek. David Rose will endure as one of the classic characters of TV.

Shirts don’t lie.

6. Michael J. Fox – The iconic 80s teenager (even though he was in his 20s). How good was he? He made Republicans cool.

If the 80s had a yearbook picture, this would be it.

5. Catherine O’Hara – A top five talent. Effortlessly funny, everyone’s favorite holiday mom can do anything.

And she can even do the Calypso.

4. Eugene Levy – A little Schitt’s Creek reunion going on. So much more than the dad in every American Pie movie, Eugene’s been doing his thing since the dawn of (SC) TV. A long time character actor is finally getting his due.

You sure I’m not…

3. Ryan Gosling – And a Notebook reunion? Pound for lean pound, probably the best actor on this list. Ryan is cooler than a Saskatchewan autumn.

Talk to me, Goose.

2. William Shatner – The only certifiable icon on this list. Was Canadian before Canadian was cool. What he lacks in acting, he makes up for in Shatness.

Not to start a nerd war, but this is the only Star Trek captain that matters.
  1. Ryan Reynolds – I mean, is there another choice? As funny as anyone from the Great White North has a right to be, you add charismatic, talented, and a good person to boot? That’s just not fair to the rest of us.
So damned likeable, you almost hate him. I said almost.


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