Top 12 creative stars

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Finally, a definitive list of the most creative entertainers in the film and television industry today.

12. Danny McBride – Are you surprised? I know I am. But check the dude’s record, and you will see that he’s responsible for some of the best shows of the past decade.

The hair may change, but thankfully the Mcbrideness stays the same.

11. Mindy Kaling – She could make this list just for the Office alone, but no, Mindy is so much more than Kelly Kapoor (come for the list, stay for the mad rhymes).

Yeah, why the hell not Mindy?

10. Daveed Diggs – The fastest rapper alive, Daveed forever changed how I see Thomas Jefferson. I mean, he can even make “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” in a freakin’ Nature Valley commercial cool, now that’s talent!

Don’t act surprised, you guys, ’cause I wrote Blindspotting.

9. Greta Gerwig – Followed the, “if you can’t find good roles, just write and direct them yourself” path to stardom. Now, is making the world excited about a Barbie movie. Just think about that for a moment.

A true DIY star.

8. Regina King – She was an underrated actress for the longest time, until suddenly she wasn’t. Then, she took it to a new level in 2020 with the brilliant One Night in Miami… Now, I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Show me the Oscar!

7. Jon Favreau – If we were doing this list wayyyyyy back in the days of AOL, Jon would’ve made it for being so money with Swingers. Then, he went and made the greatest Xmas movie of all time (sounds like a good idea for another top 12 list) and was responsible for kickstarting the MCU we all know and love. But wait, there’s more, he also made Star Wars cool again.

Alas, he never achieved his goal of Ultimate Fighting Champion. As my 3rd grade teacher repeatedly told me, some dreams just aren’t meant to be.

6. Jordan Peele – Was one of the funniest people in Hollywood until he flipped the script and scared the shit out of us with Get Out and Us. Now, he’s one of the most exciting creators because we don’t know what to expect, except that it’ll be great.

Went from Keanu to Get Out, talk about rebranding.

5. Tina Fey – Google most talented entertainers and if Tina doesn’t show up, it’s your own fault. Even her so-called “misses” are funnier than 98% of what passes as comedies. Single-handedly made smart-funny cool again.

Alright Tina, give me sharp, whimsical, subtle, erudite, modern, fun, pedantic, a bit hungry, kinda sleepy, a little uneasy, and sexy. Nailed it!

4. Taika Waititi – You had me at What We Do in the Shadows (movie, but the show is just as brilliant). Actually made Thor relatable and funny, and Jojo Rabbit proved it’s Taika’s world, and we’re just lucky to be living in it.

Wait till they get a load of my Star Wars movie.

3. Donald Glover – Talk about playing with a stacked deck of talent. From Childish Gambino to Atlanta, he is the quintessential Renaissance Man. And the only person that could match the coolness of Billy Dee Williams.

Donald even makes his name great again.

2. Phoebe Waller-Bridge – So much more than the brilliant mind behind the amazing Fleabag, Phoebe (can I call you Phoebe? After watching Crashing, I feel like we know each other) is a creative force unto herself. My only criticism can be summed up in this quote, “Please, ma’am, I want some more.”

Only number 2, are you daft, punk?
  1. Lin-Manuel Miranda – We don’t talk about Lin-Manuel Miranda… enough. For my money, Hamilton is the greatest work of art that I’ve ever seen. Then, he blew us all away with tick, tick… BOOM! and Encanto. Man, this genius is non-stop… and thank goodness for that.
There’s a million things I haven’t done. Just you wait.


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