Top 12 best Pixar movies

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We all know Pixar is a monster brand, like Apple, Tesla, Amway, or Little Debbie. They have their many, many bullseyes, as well as a few off-target misses (you know who you are, Cars 2). Here’s the best of their computer animated best.

12. Monsters, Inc. – Where do those monsters under our beds and in our closets come from? This movie answers that in the most kid friendly way possible. My one complaint, where the hell was this movie when I needed it? If I knew the monsters were as jovial and friendly as Sulley and Mike, I wouldn’t have needed to wash my sheets as often.

I kinda wanna see an R rated version where the monsters are NSFW.

11. Ratatouille – Once you get past the very idea of a horde of rats all up in a restaurant’s kitchen (can you say Black Death II), you can almost suspend your disbelief enough to have fun with this uplifting ‘tail’ about overcoming your, um, link in the food chain.

You do realize that we are merely one week of supply chain issues away from me eating you, right?

10. Up – I don’t cotton to this one as much as everyone else, but I do recognize it’s a top-notch entry. Another one where once you get past the premise of a crotchety old man kidnapping a simple boy scout with a million balloons, I’ll admit it is enjoyable. Not sure about the science of it, though.

You do realize that we are merely one day of supply chain issues away from me eating you both, right?

9. Soul – This movie demonstrates that even at the ripe old age of 41, Pixar has still got it. Continuing to branch out away from Whiteyville, Soul is a hilarious and heartwarming celebration of music and life.

Wait, all souls are white? Take one step forward, and a hundred steps back.

8. Finding Nemo – This is Pixar’s version of the Lion King, but with cuddly sea animals. It was so fresh (like all of their non-sequels not named A Good Dinosaur) and adoryble that it elevated the studio into the rarefied blockbuster air of Disney and Dreamworks animation.

Do you know how many clown fish were bought as pets, then subsequently murdered by neglect because of this film?

7. The Incredibles – This flick pretty much cribs off Marvel’s Fantastic Four, so it might be a good idea for a lil quid pro quo, since this is the pinnacle of how to tell a superhero family story. But, where the hell is the Frozone spinoff?

Do you know how many family costumes were bought for Halloween, then subsequently posted all over social media because of this film?

6. Toy Story 3 – aka Pixar toys with going to the dark side. Look, every Toy Story is incredibly well-made, from the voices, to the story, to the animation, so there are no wrong answers to which one is the best. Just like everyone has a different love language, everyone has a different favorite Toy Story film.

What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Because the real villain of the film, and of life, are preschool children. They ruin toys, marriages, and lives.

5. Coco – With strikingly vivid animation and captivating storytelling, Coco shows that Pixar knows familia better than any therapist. Matter of fact, you could probably save a ton of money by just watching these movies instead of criticizing your own family to a stranger suspiciously taking notes.

So what you’re saying is, deep down inside, we’re all just white? Not sure if that’s the message you wanna send, so again it’s one step forward, one thousand steps back.

4. Inside Out – The movie we all wished we thought up. This one tugs on the heart strings right away, then never stops striking that emotional chord. Probably the strongest and greatest voice cast, it basically dares you not to reach for a box of tissues.

Just seeing these emotions gives me all the feels.

3. Toy Story 2 – People whine about Pixar’s sequelitis, but its third movie was a sequel that stands head and shoulders with the original. This is the movie where Pixar cemented itself as the premiere animation studio.

Just seeing these toys gives me all the feels.

2. WALL-E – Who needs Pixar’s signature clever dialogue when you have such a sweet and visually descriptive opening. From the epic space adventure to the ingenious Easter eggs, this flick has everything. What is truly frightening is how prophetic this movie is shaping up to be.

Just seeing these robots gives me all the feels.
  1. Toy Story – The innovative original is still the best. I do think it helps to have seen this back in the day to really understand how groundbreaking and impactful this movie was. It takes a simple idea that every kid has fantasized about, their toys coming to life, and spins it into a brilliant story of friendship.
What the hell does Chris Evans got that I don’t? I mean other than the obvious; such as looks, personality, a moral compass, a clean record, and integrity. Okay, I get it now.


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