Top 12 movies of 2022

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Although it may feel like it, I didn’t actually watch every movie released in 2022. If we’re being honest here, I didn’t even watch all the movies that I wanted to (I’m ashamed to admit that I missed all of the Hallmark Christmas ones). Due to that, some movie aficionados may find this list somewhat lacking, but as every basic person is apt to say, it is what it is. I mean, if you check every critics top movies of any year, ask yourself, “But did they watch the latest Land Before Time or Hellraiser?” Probably not. With that in mind, here are my favorite movies of 2022.

Bonus: Hocus Pocus 2 – A gratifying sequel to a delightful classic. This manages to honor the original while telling an engaging and entertaining story with much improved teenage characters. But, of course, the Sanderson Sisters are the main attraction, and they effortlessly deliver the goods.

Please don’t wait another 29 years for Hocus Pocus 3. Not saying Bette Midler couldn’t do it, just that I might not be here for it.

12. Hustle – This asks the important question, “what if Adam Sandler was a basketball scout instead of comedian.” Funny enough, that’s more believable than him finding an unknown NBA all-star prospect… or marrying Queen Latifah. But it’s a movie, and it all somehow works in this well-crafted, low key traditional sports flick.

You got Chlorophyll Man up there talking about God knows what and all she can talk about is making out with me. I’m here to learn, everybody, not to make out with you. Go on with the chlorophyll.

11. The Menu – I honestly don’t know if I really like this one but cannot deny the ingredients are top shelf. The unique story is thought provoking and haunting and everything from the directing, location, costumes, and, of course, the acting are all restaurant quality. It is so unlike anything else from 2022 and that alone deserves a chef’s kiss.

I like to think of this as a “Who’s the Boss” reboot called “Who’s the Chef.”

10. The Gray Man – The one word that comes to mind about this one is fun. Sure, it’s basically your run of the mill hugely expensive and explosive action flick, but it does possess that trademark Russo brothers wit and charm. The acting is marvelous, and the plot is engaging enough to call this one a no brainer hit.

It’s like the Bourne franchise with a sense of humor.

9. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story – A mockumentary about the rise and fall of the parody king that is both funny and hilarious. It tells the Weird Al story the only way it can be told; by spoofing the music biography genre. Daniel Radcliffe maybe the definitive Harry Potter, but now, for better or worse, he’s also the definitive Al Yankovic.

Is it just me or would this have been the greatest celebrity power couple ever?

8. The Batman – I’m not about to get sucked down the “best Batmen” rabbit hole, but I will say Rob Patt’s Bats slaps. The strength of this movie is concentrating on the human side of the superhero. This grounds The Batman and makes him relatable. Plus, it’s a street level story which showcases The Bat’s world class detective skills, as opposed to the Snyderverse’s IronBatman vs super alien invaders. The Seven vibe from the Riddler is effective, but the movie is about 30 minutes too long and the whole levees breaking part could have been cut to make this a less bloated film.

Did you really just say Bella should have picked Jacob?

7. Bullet Train – All aboard for this quintessential postmodern action flick. It’s got that quick quipping, fast fighting style born from the 90s and 00s combined with an interesting cast who all have their own distinguishing quirky characteristics. All in all, it’s a thrilling and mirthful trip.

It’s like the Bourne franchise with a sense of humor… on a train.

6. Spirited – This had no business being as great as it was. Who’d have thunk another updated version of A Christmas Carol could be so refreshing and lively. Even if you despise Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell (and if you do, I will see you in hell), you may still enjoy this fun Xmas musical romp. The songs are all bangers, or at least that’s what my daughter told me. If you disagree, I have two words for ya… “Good Afternoon!”

You’d have to be the biggest Grinch in the world to not love this flick. Sorry, Scrooge. Wait a minute, “The Grinch vs. Scrooge” might be the greatest idea for an Xmas movie EVER.

5. She Said – Let me mansplain how good this movie is. Reminded me of All the Presidents Men, just substitute Richard Nixon with Harvey Weinstein. Or Jabba the Hutt, same difference. The writing, acting, and directing are all award worthy and the movie walks the fine line between drama and horror. Not only is it terrifying how pervasive sexual harassment and assault is in our society, but how it’s protected. What’s even more sickening is how many people are willing to turn a blind eye to these crimes for money, politics, or old fashioned, systematic misogyny.

This movie/topic is so serious that I’m not even going to dare a low hanging, “that’s what…” joke.

4. Prey – The biggest surprise on the list is a Predator prequel that had almost zero hype, but so well done it stands shoulder to shoulder with the original. Much more character driven than monster driven, this should be the template for taking a worn out “franchise” and reinventing it. Proves that talent will always overcome triteness.

Or you could substitute the Predator with Harvey Weinstein…

3. Everything Everywhere All at Once – Watching this movie is akin to riding a roller coaster for the very first time… in complete darkness. You have no idea what to expect nor where it’s going. So, you simply strap in, trust the engineering, and hold on tight. This film relishes in making you think, then blowing your mind. Kinda like someone giving you a bite of tiramisu, then slapping you in the face. Okay, maybe I don’t know how to describe this, but it’s incredibly entertaining.

This had me at Michelle Yeoh, Data, Jamie Lee Curtis, and hot dog fingers.

2. Top Gun: Maverick – This is more like riding the newest, most technically advanced roller coaster in the park. Sure, you have a good idea about what to expect, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the hell outta the nostalgic ride. Tom Cruise, like Tom Brady, is obsessed with continually proving that he’s not too old to be playing with the boys. It worked in this film, but I checked the Vegas odds on how long until he breaks a hip, and it doesn’t look good for him.

Does this mean we’re due for another Hot Shots? Well sign me up!
  1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – The only movie that lured me off my couch and into a theater for the first time since 2019 is all you need to know about this one. But I will tell you more anyway. A touching and nearly perfect tribute to Chadwick Boseman, this movie also succeeds in passing the mantle to a more than worthy character. On top of all that, it introduces the best, most complex MCU ‘villain’ since Thanos. But just like the first film, the stars shine brightest in this undersea world building epic, especially Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, and Angela Bassett.
When She Said inevitably discourages you, watch this to renew your hope.


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